Spurgeon Fellowship Reconciliation

6/21/20223 min read

The goal of this site is not to extend our boundaries too far or too wide. We know through various contacts that abusive and authoritarian churches blanket the land. It is beyond the scope of our desire to go much further than Grace Fellowship, but when we heard of this letter we sought permission to post it.

We are going to remove some of the quotes for the sake of readability, but we have decided to keep one in particular from John Gill. In keeping with the great 1689 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith, the Spurgeon Fellowship Reconciliation Team attempted to do what the Confession calls for in Chapter 26, paragraph 15. In a similar manner, the pastors of Grace Fellowship were encouraged to do this as well but rejected it. The moral of the story is authoritarian churches have no accountability to anybody but themselves. Please take special observance of the love with which this letter was written.

Administrators of Exposing Grace Fellowship.

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SPURGEON FELLOWSHIP LETTER about Cornerstone Baptist Church Cornerstone Orlando

Here are the findings of the reconciliation team after two years of looking into the leadership accusations of abuse:

As it pertains to the conflicts between Faith Baptist and Cornerstone Baptist, put forth are the findings and recommendations from the Spurgeon Fellowship of Florida reconciliation team: March 6th, 2014

To all the churches concerned,

As part of our effort to observe the Confession of Faith to which we hold as like-minded churches in the Spurgeon Fellowship , according to the London Baptist Confession 1689 chapter 26, paragraph 15, messengers from the churches have met to consider the matter of concern pertaining to Faith Baptist Church and Cornerstone Baptist Church.

After a careful investigation of the matters of concern raised between these two churches, we, the Spurgeon Fellowship reconciliation team, find that efforts of Faith Baptist Church to preserve peace and unity along with the purity of the church have been biblical and exercised with patience, and that Cornerstone Baptist Church has continued in patterns of ministry that evidence spiritual abuse which are injurious to the flock under their care and are not conducive to mutual peace and Christian fellowship among the churches in the Spurgeon Fellowship.

Having reached these conclusions, and recognizing that we have no rightful jurisdiction in the affairs of Cornerstone Baptist Church, in the hope of promoting greater conformity to Scriptural principles and practice, and thus, the good of Christ’s people and the peace and unity of the churches, we set forth the following recommendations:

#1. The current Leadership Team can seek an Interim Pastor for Cornerstone Baptist Church. This would be a man with Pastoral experience with a philosophy of ministry that would be of help to correct the faults as outlined. This minister can be approved and appointed by the Spurgeon Fellowship to serve with the common suffrage of the church alongside Pastor Marc Brashear.

#2. The current Leadership Team can seek to correct these matters through Leadership training and ordination for Cornerstone Baptist Church potential elders with training and approval by the Spurgeon Fellowship Pastors of sister churches.

#3. The current Leadership Team can seek counsel and accountability from the multitude of counselors that are amidst the sister churches before they discipline members.

#4 The current Leadership Team can re-examine the methodology and participation in evangelism in accordance with the Scriptures to avoid the danger of making program evangelism mandatory upon the conscience of members.One of the matters of great concern in our investigation is the way Cornerstone Baptist Church views church discipline. As we look at the history of our forefathers, and the current view of our contemporaries, we stand in line with these men because we believe they are in accord with the Word of God:

John Gill: “Allowances should be made for weaknesses and infirmities of men, both in their gracious experiences and in their gospel light and knowledge. The day of small things is not to be despised (Zech 4:10). The bruised reed is not to be broken nor the smoldering flax to be snuffed out (Mt12:20). The tender lambs are gathered into Christ’s arms and carried in His bosom (Isa 40:11). The weak in faith are to be received, and not to doubtful disputations (Rom 14:1). There are cases in which a man may desire his dismission to another church as distance of habitation, non-edification, and when a church is become corrupt in doctrine and practice that he cannot conscientiously abide with them. Excommunication is not to be done by the elders of a church separately but with the consent of the church and that consent should be declared by a vote of the church”

John Gill, A Body of Practical Divinity

We are glad to hear that there are more men on the Leadership Team of Cornerstone Baptist Church and we are hopeful that these abuses can cease and desist. The sister churches are providentially able to provide help and a multitude of counsel that will give the needed wisdom to overcome what stands to divide and threaten the peace of our churches. We are committed to continue to meet with the current Leadership Team to help foster a full reconciliation from the spiritual pride and immaturity that caused these matters.

The Spurgeon Fellowship Reconciliation Team