Abuse - When will it End?


5/25/20222 min read

It seems that there is more and more abuse being exposed wherever I turn. To some degree, I’m very thankful this is the case, but on the other hand, why is there so much abuse in the “Christian” church? Whether it be spiritual abuse (the topic I address most often), sexual abuse, or any other kind of abuse that seemingly dots the landscape of Christianity. It is egregious no matter the type and should never be tolerated.

The old saying, “politics make strange bedfellows,” is relevant in many Christian circles. There are large and small organizations within the larger community that have these connections. These connections are reticent to turn one another in or confront one another as the Scriptures call us to do (Matt. 18:15).

So, what happens? Apparently, it gets a pass.

I have no idea what it would be like to know someone for a lifetime and then hear of a situation and ask questions about it, but these are the accusations leveled at a large organization within Protestant Christianity. What do we, average pew-sitters, do about it?

I, for one, am outraged. I’m outraged enough to write about it. I realize this post might resonate with three or four people, but I can’t sit quietly by and do nothing or say nothing. If it comes to my church, I need to prepare my mind to be ready for action. Even if it is the pastor, I love the most.

I cannot protect an organization because I love the organization.

Yes, I know there are good men and good women in these organizations, and I realize they are not all corrupt, but when corruption comes to the organization, we need bold men and bold women to stand up.

Moreover, we need bold men in leadership to do something about it; to cleanse the church from the corruption within. Peter wrote that the judgment must begin with the household of God (1 Peter 4:17). Nevertheless, is this what he meant? In context, I do not think that is the primary intention.

John Calvin writes, “For this necessity, he says, awaits the whole Church of God, not only to be subject to the common miseries of men, but especially and mainly to be chastised by the hand of God.”[1]

In short, Calvin is saying this judgment comes upon the true church of God. I, for one, question these men’s salvation. However, if we call it the judgment of the visible church, then yes, perhaps. At any rate, the abuse of the sheep must end. It will take bold men to call for it to end. It will take people to stand up and say we will no longer tolerate this for ourselves and, most certainly, for our children.

Enough is enough.

Note: I’m usually pretty specific about naming names, and maybe I should here, but have decided not to for the moment.

[1] Calvin Commentaries – 1 Peter 4:17.