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Many churches have been accused of legalism; however, legalism is the fruit of authoritarianism. Churches with pastors with domineering and authoritarian personalities lend themselves to this type of abuse. This site is dedicated to exposing churches that have these tendencies proven by the rotten fruit of their ministries. GFC is one of those places, but there are more than we could ever account for across the country and undoubtedly worldwide.

Putting and keeping pressure on them and having information available for those seeking help is a secondary function of this site. We hope and trust it will lead to accountability for the men that lead them and inform and protect those willing to investigate if they are in a high-demand group. What do we mean by high demand? We suggest that these groups keep the pressure on their congregants to conform to group standards.

Ronald M. Enroth describes this in his book Churches That Abuse,

"[L] ife became increasingly rigid and difficult. The control mechanisms employed by the leadership covered a broad spectrum of behavior, including dress, diet, work habits, personal style or mannerisms, prayer, Bible study, fasting, entertainment, jobs, and whether or not to have children. 'There wasn't one area in our lives where we weren't legalistic about something.'"

We trust this will bless you if you are a product of this type of church, and you have overcome. We also realize this can take many years and often requires some counseling. We encourage counseling to cope with the traumatic experience.

May the Lord bless you on your journey.

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